Fey's Campaign

Curse that Evil Priest

The party set out the following morning after examining bits of feathers and old dried blood near the campsite. Another surprise waited for them in the form of a new horse near the others. Saying little “Kitten” walked up to the horses who all shied away from her save the mysterious horse. With a small pat of affection “Kitten” climbed up sidesaddle on Naomi and trailed behind the rest of the traveling party.

The group traveled for a few days and other than “Kitten” spotting a odd looking bird flying away from camp one night while on guard little of consequence happened.

Upon reaching the town of Aldale the party stopped short on its outskirts. The group informed “Kitten” that they were sent to Aldale to investigate rumors of a cult to the Demon Prince of Plague. Tizali not interested in the conversation forged ahead a little to commune with the spirit of the place and found it to be decidedly off putting.

Gideon noticed a rather large increase in ghosts around the town, all of whom looked morose. While their disposition was to be expected the quantity was rather disturbing. With Tizali in the lead the group headed into town in order to find out more. On the way “Kitten” chugged a mysterious potion she found in her pack which seemed to concern Ron and Gideon.

Inside the town the group decided to split up. Independent Tizali made for the small church of Pelor while Ron and Kalem went to the inn for information and rooms leaving Gideon and “Kitten” the other other notable location, in the form of the town’s market.

Gideon and “Kitten” decided it would be best to be discrete though “Kitten” shared a concern that she was certain the opposition already knew the group was here though she didn’t elaborate further. The easy going dragonborn seemed to enjoy “Kitten’s” company and at one point wasn’t sure if she was checking him out. When asked “Kitten” neither confirmed nor denied this.

The pair noticed that some people in the town had something of a cough and “Kitten” suggested they be very careful not to catch whatever was going around. The two approached a rural man selling apples and Gideon bought two while “Kitten” refused to purchase any food. The apple vendor confirmed that people tended to get a cold around this time of year and that it would pass, being a thing of little consequence. Finally “Kitten” and Gideon made one last loop around the market listening for any rumors or interesting information. Finding little except the attention of the townsfolk they both headed back to the inn.

Kalem and Ron consulted with the Innkeeper and learned that The Autumn Harvest Festival was to take place tomorrow. The town was hoping for more people to come but so far only the party had arrived. Despite being the only guests the inn’s prices were a bit steep but being the only one in town the party paid up.

Kalem and Ron were both informed that dinner would be ready soon and they decided to wait to head off and find the rest of the party to tell them.

Tizali approached the chruch alone and was greeted by armed guards outside the doors. Though friend this struck Tizali as uncommon for priests of Pelor in a time of peace. Inside a small sermon was going on. Tizali approached one of the brothers and questioned him about the town. He told her of the Autum Festival and when Tizali mentioned the cold he confirmed that it was something going around but that the priests of Pelor were taking care of it. Tizali not understanding why someone couldn’t just be bothered to rest for a few days questioned the priest on this practice. The priest seemed baffled by her confusion when Tizali further stunned him by mentioning the problem with all the ghosts.

The brother seemed very concerned about this problem and isisted Tizali tell him more but she refused. Tizali started to leave when the brother went and got the head priest as he was wrapping up his sermon. Father Turgen attempted to sway Tizali into tell him more about the problem and more importantly to him who had informed Tizali. Tizali attempted to tactfully remove herself from the situation by stating it wasn’t something be brought up before the Harvest festival but the good father insisted and Tizali casually let one of her large hammers fall to the ground with a resounding boom. Unfazed the the Father simply stared her down and she end up walking away.

The group regrouped not far from the inn and filled each other in. During this time the Innkeeper went into the back when Gideon noticed her ghost come in the front door.

To be continued.



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