Fey's Campaign

"Kitten" has joined the party.

Session Unknown

The party slept with Tizali on guard, when suddenly another person appeared in camp accompanied by a silent storm of roses. A rather frustrated, attractive blonde haired human female sat across from Tizali. The woman known as “Kitten” apparently was sent by Rachel in order to bring Tizali back into her normal headspace.

Slowly the newcomer drew the problems Tizali was dealing with involving Sophi out into the open and helped her work through them. As Tizali became more like herself, namely angry, the camp slowly woke to discover “KItten” and Tizali’s conversation.

The group was introduced to “Kitten” and she fell silent while the others discussion turned to a strange form of magic Tizali had acquired. They worked through some theories on the strange magic and Tizali attempted to test one of them on Kalem. Instead she somehow managed to cast the strange magic over the whole group.

“Kitten” watched with exasperation as she impatiently waited to disappear again as her little assignment seemed concluded. Instead of being teleported off to enjoy her waiting bath the entire tubs worth of water was dropped on her head and a moment later her pack full of gear fell from the sky as well. She promptly snatched it from the air seemingly expected it and tossed it to the ground in aggravation knowing she had somehow been recruited to the group against her will.

Much to Gideon’s delight “Kitten” striped off her clothes, laying them out by the fire to dry and promptly going to sleep. The rest of the group retreating to their beds.



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