Neil of the Needle

Status - Alive


Appearance – Thin, borderline emaciated, with lanky brown hair. He has a look in his eyes of utter insanity and moves with a kind of unnatural, jerky speed and hits like a ton of bricks. He possesses a yellow-brown pact mark on his forehead, which is in the shape of two twisting horns. He wields two very slender short blades.


Occupation – A tailor before going crazy

Mannerisms/Qualities – Is clearly insane and has a deep seeded hatred of women. He believes he is doing work for the greater good by saving the women he abducts by keeping them from being “evil”. Posses some sort of plague based powers.

History – Engaged to a shopkeepr’s daughter who fell in love with a visiting noble. Neil killed his love in a fit of rage, fled to the sewers and killed the noble in question when Tizali showed up but he escaped due to the incompetence of the mage’s police force. Neil later kidnapped Sophi and Sonia, the group went to save them to discover Sonia had escaped. When they confronted Neil about halfway through the fight he was “attacked” and afterwards was apparently possessed by something. His voice became different, her mannerisms changed entirely and his pact mark disappeared. He used some sort of chain like weapon summoned out of a portal he was able to close and open around himself. After his defeat he was arrested.

Neil of the Needle

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