Sonia Moonwell

Status - Alive


Appearance – A human female with silver hair like all the other Moonwells. She is most likely in her earlier twenties or very late teens. She has a tall, slender, curvy, and well proportioned body.


Occupation – Moonwell House Member

Mannerisms/Qualities – She exudes an air of refined restraint, and aloof intelligence, but is known at times to have the mask crack and show the truly frustrated girl underneath. She completely loves her younger sister Sophi Moonwell and acts as a surrogate mother.

History – The girl is incapable preforming any type of magic, a fact which brings her much shame and frustration. It also serves as a point of pity and frustration for many of her family members. She has known Kalem for over a year and has worked closely with the party on several of their jobs. It is supposedly her fault Tiberius Moonwell’s monsters escaped and she was also kidnapped with her younger sister Sophi Moonwell by Neil of the Needle. She inexplicably managed to escape Neil however.

Sonia Moonwell

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