Sophi Moonwell

Status - Alive


Appearance – A young human girl. She has long silver hair with wide eyes and constantly carrying her little fairy doll that changes colors.


Occupation – Child

Mannerisms/Qualities – She is remarkably bright and perceptive but incredibly innocent. She is inquisitive and emotional coupled with a strong will. She has access to two different forms of magic, the local ability of Incarnum and a, as of yet, unclassified branch of magic.

History – She frequently talks to all the party members and has come to think of Tizali as something of a mother figure, much to Sonia Moonwell’s displeasure. Her doll was taken by rats and rescued by the group from the cellar of The Moonwell Estate. Later she was kidnapped by Neil of the Needle along with her sister Sonia The party eventually rescued her, and though traumatized she wasn’t permanently scared.

Several beings as well as prophetic style dreams have shown that two paths lay in Sophi’s future. One well lead her to becoming a powerful force of good, the other will leave her little more than a ravening monster bathed in blood.

Sophi Moonwell

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