Tiberius Moonwell

Status - Alive


Appearance – A human male of indeterminate age, at the very least well into his sixties. He is balding with wisps of hair ringing his head in a silver halo. He wears elaborate robes of gold and win purple with intricate patterns upon them. Like many of the Moonwells he is tall and thin.


Occupation – Once the head of the family as well as the leader of The Council of Magi

Mannerisms/Qualities – He is rather eccentric and possess the cadence of a highborn. He is exceptionally powerful and well versed in the arts of science, arcana, alchemy, sociology, biology, and psychology. He has an old world tenancies and habits. He is easily distracted and possess a fascination with dangerous things like many other Moonwells.

History – Once an adventurer in his youth he now spends most of his time conducting whatever studies strike his fancy. Kalem was apprenticed to him for almost a year before the party came together. Upon which Tiberius released Kalem to his own research and granted him honorary membership in the Moonwell Family. He is the grandfather of Sonia Moonwell and Sophi Moonwell.

Tiberius Moonwell

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