Aisas is spread out across the shores of the Rainbow Inlet, so named because the waters are magically contaminated, and thus are often will be quite a different color from that of traditional waters. Aisas is one big tourist trap and entertainment is around every corner. The city is designed so that its more necessary parts are well hidden from the public.

History –
Aisas was founded around the camps of several wizards, who had arrived on the island for research purposes. It eventually grew into a town and from there into a sprawling city. After which its reputation for powerful and interesting magic spread. From there it quickly grew into the tourist trap it is today, drawing many skilled artisans, as well more practitioners of the arcane which allowed the city to thrive on its most unusual economy.

Government -
Aisas is ruled by The Council of Magi, a five seat council, composed of the heads of each of the five ruling mage families of the city. The council is managed by a head councilman who is elected by the people from amongst the council. The position is a ten year term but appointment to the council itself is a lifelong position unless abdicated so its possible to run for any number of consecutive terms as head councilman.

The Council of Magi make all the major decisions regarding the city and its management, and also acts as the city’s judicial branch, ruling over cases of law and order. Beneath the council is several lower management positions as well all the other usual positions employed to run a government. These lesser appointments can be held by anyone but the applicant is hired by a member of council whose branch they wish to work for ensuring a cohesive viewpoint throughout the branch.

Justice –
The justice system is largely a matter of commercial and domestic disputes within Aisas, as crime rates are incredibly low. The court is run and judged by The Council of Magi though smaller courts exist for such issues as marital disputes and other such matters.

The city is policed by a large contingency of guardsmen, who perform double duty as the city’s military force. They often employ divination magics in their duties. They are limit their active fight against crime to within their walls and roughly anything within a three day ride.

Crime is extremely low in the city, as its over-extensive use of divination magic makes it all but impossible to avoid the law for long. Criminal trials are similarly short, as evidence is collected using similar divinatory methods. Criminal punishments are often harsh as an incentive to keep crime low.

Economy and Currency -
Aisas relies on its tourists for almost all of its income and the arcane families that reside here conjure magic to keep the tourists enthralled in entertainment and pleasure. There are beaches nearby the city with grand gateways granting access to them.

Military -
Aisas’s guards form its military. Each sector of the city has four guard houses, each containing ten guardsmen and one mage captain. The traditional equipment of the Aisas Guard is a set of chainmail, and a halberd. The Mage Captain is skilled in divination magic, as wells and combative and restraint magics.



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